A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to a powerful song dedicated to Caylee Anthony, the toddler who went missing in 2009 and who gained national attention this summer after her mother, Casey Anthony, was found not guilty for her daughter's death.

Cledus T. Judd teamed up with Rascal Flatt's singer Gary LeVox to co-write 'She's going Places' shortly after the verdict was read.  The country music parody comedian, and father of two, revealed that the murder trial had angered him to the point where he started writing a tribute song to the little girl right away.

As soon as the song went viral, it became was an instant hit online as well as on country radio stations. In less than two weeks, ‘She’s Going Places‘ received over half a million combined hits on YouTube.

The single was released on iTunes on July 9th, and all of the proceeds are going to a charity that protects children.

Taste of Country reports:

Tell the story of how this song came to be.

I started writing it right after the verdict was read. I thought, this woman, it’s not up to me to decide if she’s guilty or not guilty. She’ll have to answer to the good Lord for all that. I just thought all this attention was being given to a mother when all the attention should be still focused on that poor little girl that lost her life, and did not have an opportunity and will not have an opportunity to do all things that little girls should get to do.

How did [Rascal Flatts singer] Gary Levox get involved?

Gary and I had actually written a song similar to that called ‘He’s Going Places’ a few years ago that we were hoping would be on the Flatts album, and it never got cut. So I called Gary and asked him if he’d mind if I re-wrote the song in memory of Caylee. He said, “Absolutely, have at it,” and he spit out a few lines of it. I just ran with it and called up a friend of mine, Shane Hines, to sing the thing. [Judd later shared that Craig Morgan had cut 'He's Going Places' when he was with Sony Music, but the song never ended up on an album.]

Click on the link above to read the full interview provided by Taste of Country.


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