Texas country singer-songwriter Cody Jinks has announced a pair of albums set for release on Nov. 12. The double release includes Mercy, a solo country album, and None the Wiser, a metal album Jinks recorded with his band Caned By Nod.

Jinks country endeavor, Mercy, is a reflection of the double release itself, as it showcases his ability to create many styles of music: It features elements of soul, rock and blues, along with Jinks' signature “electric country” sound. Like many albums being released these days, it's a product of time spent in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Jinks used the lockdown to bolster his songwriting skills.

None the Wiser, meanwhile, takes Jinks back to his musical roots. Before getting a start in the country music industry, the artist was a part of a metal band, and this album offers influences from classic rock, thrash metal and psychedelic-tinged grunge. Unlike Mercy, None the Wiser is a collection of songs written over a much longer period of time, with some tracks dating back to the early 2000s.

Though the albums were written at different times, they were recorded simultaneously, which Jinks says was a "very different" process.

“Literally, it was being in one studio and walking next door," he adds, "and going from this beautiful country song that we’re doing to just this really angry metal song, flipping a switch."

Ahead of the debut of both albums, Jinks has released a song from each project: “All It Cost Me Was Everything” is out from Mercy, and “Middle Finger” is out from None the Wiser. Full details for each album are below.

Cody Jinks Mercy
Courtesy of Sacks & Co.

Cody Jinks' Mercy Tracklist:

1. "All It Cost Me Was Everything"
2. "Hurt You"
3. "Mercy"
4. "Feeding the Flames"
5. "I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore"
6. "Like a Hurricane"
7. "How It Works"
8. "Nobody Knows How to Read"
9. "Shoulders"
10. "Dying Isn’t Cheap"
11. "Roll"
12. "When Whiskey Calls the Shots"

Caned By Nod None the Wiser
Courtesy of Sacks & Co.

Cody Jinks and Caned By Nod's None the Wiser Tracklist:

1. "Middle Finger"
2. "Dying Trying"
3. "None the Wiser"
4. "Seeing Ghosts"
5. "Covet"
6. "Led Astray"
7. "Half a Life"
8. "Can’t Hide the Truth"
9. "Broken Wings"
10. Eyes"

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