Colt Ford has released his "We the People" music video, accompanied by an online essay. The video finds Ford delivering his feel-good new song at a press conference-turned-party, while his essay is a similar call for unity and, as its title says, "finding common ground."

"We spend way too much time trying to point out what is wrong with others or being angry at others for disagreeing with our ideas or thoughts. We should be thankful we get to express them instead of working so hard to dislike someone because of what they think or where they’re from or what color their skin is or what their religion or sexual orientation is," Ford writes, pointing out that it's because we live in America that we have the freedom to express our opinions in the first place. "You can also find the bad in any situation if you choose to. Let’s choose the good."

As Ford notes, even those with differences should be able to find common ground: "[We all think] cancer sucks. We [all] want clean air and water for the entire world." Most of us "are good" and "want to do good," and it's important that we remember that, and spread love and compassion together, he insists.

"We’ve got to instill these values in our kids; it’s imperative for our future generations," Ford writes. "Smiling at someone and saying something kind to them doesn’t take much to do; it can make a big difference."

Ford doesn't intend for his essay to be preachy. He knows he's fallen short himself; he knows his children, his family and his other loved ones aren't perfect — "but I'm admitting that, as we all can be better," he adds.

"Can you make the person you see in the mirror better? I know I can. I’ve been guilty of saying ugly things, of hurting people’s feelings, of doing things I know in my heart aren’t right," Ford continues. "I’m human, as we all are, and we are all flawed — and my beautiful humans, it’s okay."

At the end of his essay, Ford issues a challenge: "to talk to each other, to listen to others, let them listen to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t be too prideful to let someone help you."

"I love this world, and I want to leave it better than I found it. We can all do this, but we have to be truthful and honest; we have to love-teach-help our fellow humans," Ford concludes. "I know in my heart that I wish y’all happiness and healthiness and want you to know you’re special in some way and that you know the feeling of true love."

"We the People" comes from a new album from Ford. Details of that project have yet to be announced, but it's due out later this year.

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