We are so excited to team up with Ray's Drive In for our KICKS 105 Lunch Bunch Contest.  They have been an East Texas Tradition since 1959 and for many, many years in a row, they have been voted as having the best hamburger in the area.

They are still doing today what they did in 1959.  They still buy their hamburger meat fresh ground every morning and roll it out and pat it out by hand.  They still chop their lettuce and onions every morning and then again in the evening.  Everything is prepared fresh every day.   The Ray’s Special you get today is the same as it was 10 - 20 - or 50 years ago.  They haven’t changed their quality and they won’t.   When someone ask them if they are a “Fast Food” restaurant, they reply “NO...we serve good food fast”.  Your food is prepared after you order, it is not an assembly line product.

Every Friday in the noon hour, Listen as KICKS 105's Sean Ericson draws for the weekly winner.  That lucky person will win four hamburgers, four regular fries, and four medium drinks (carry out only for now).  So take advantage of all the bonus ways to enter and good luck!!