COPsync is a useful resource for police officers to use that brings our peace keepers some peace of mind for themselves.

An advanced computer system will be installed in Angelina County patrol vehicles soon. This new system will network police databases from all of the country, allowing officers to have critical information at their fingertips.

Like their website says, COPsync is a tool that offers instant access to local, state, and federal law enforcement databases, allowing officers to efficiently gather information at the point of incident, and immediately share critical data with all officers on the Network.

Using radio frequencies will still be a viable tool for officers within close proximity of one another, but COPsync will allow county to county communication, allowing for a more broad search of criminal activity and up-to-date information that could potentially change the outcome of any incident.

Angelina County Sheriffs noticed how well the system helped in Zavalla, so they're signing up to have the technology for the next 5 years.

COPsync representatives reminded us that COPsync isn't just for law enforcement, but will be a great help to the citizens as well. Knowing that when you are pulled over or stopped for any reason, that the officer handling your case will have the correct information on you as a citizen will give those without criminal histories peace of mind as well.

COPsync's YouTube channel hosts testimonials from police officers from around Texas talking about the many uses of COPsync, and how they can pull up data that was previously out of reach.

COPsync via YouTube