Singer-songwriter Corey Smith is set to release his new single 'Ain't Going Out Tonight' to iTunes on Tuesday (Oct. 15), but fans can listen to the song in its entirety now with this Taste of Country exclusive song premiere. Like all songs from his previous eight albums, the country-rocker wrote every word to this uptempo, banjo-heavy rambler.

It's a new message for Smith, a man known for uniquely capturing the poignant beauty of life's natural progressions. While previous hits like '21' and 'If I Could Do It Again' smile at the nostalgia of rebellious youth, this track suggests the Georgia native is turning a corner:

"I'm making changes / Lettin' go of my grudge against the wind / I'm turning pages / Getting ready for what's up around the bend / I ain't going out tonight," Smith sings during the chorus, before adding:

"We're going through changes / No we can't ever be kids again / We're turning pages / This chapter is coming to an end / To an end / But our story is just beginning."

'Ain't Going Out Tonight' is the first single from an upcoming album.

The one-time high school teacher built his career slowly by focusing locally before taking his unique sound on the road. To date, he's sold over one million concert tickets and nearly two million singles while gaining praise from critics.

Look for 'Ain't Going Out Tonight' at iTunes. Smith will be touring heavily through the end of the year. Visit his official website for specific dates.

Listen to Corey Smith, 'Ain't Going Out Tonight'

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