The next 7 days should be very interesting for East far as weather goes.  First, we have a cool front coming by the weekend.

Now, when I say cool front, that does not mean get the sweaters out.  Our high temps will drop from 100 to around 91, and overnight lows from 77 to 71, and perhaps there will be a bit less humidity in the air.  The most promising thing about the approaching cool front is the added chances of rain on Friday through Sunday.  Hey, after last summer, rain anytime in August is a good thing.

Second, we could be keeping a keen eye on the Western Gulf of Mexico early next week.

A few days ago Tropical Depression number 7 was churning across the Atlantic and towards the Caribbean.  Well, it became rather disorganized and was downgraded to a tropical wave which is currently a large area of heavy rain around Central America to the Yucatan.

No big deal, right?

Maybe...or maybe not.  According to some of the forecasters at this wave could start to move north and northwest over the next couple of days into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.  This system is not expect to strengthen to much at that time, but it could still bring in some heavy tropical downpours from Brownsville to Corpus Christi early next week.  Some forecast models are even showing some of that heavy rain to make it's way into East Texas.

We'll see.

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