We’re all getting pretty pumped for the new live Curtis Grimes album “Live from the Parish.” If you’re not yet, to help get you there, today the Grimes camp released a teaser video. Curtis says he excited to have a new album, but even more so about it being a live album the reason being, “I felt like it would represents how we sound as a band right now.”

Curt’s passion for his music shines bright, and for good reason, he was and is first and foremost a fan of Texas Music,”Starting as a fan and to now be on the other side of the stage, that’s the coolest thing to me.”

His new single “Smile” is out to radio now, and co-written by Josh Abbott. Grimes explained why they chose it as the single, “It turned out good… We’ve had a good response, so far, from everyone who’s heard it.” He added, “Hopefully we can one-up our last single, “Irresponsible” and get our first No. 1.”

He’s being modest. The song turned out great. I’ve gone on record, I do believe this will be his first No. 1 single. So much so, that Curt and I made a bet. Click her for details of the bet. But suffice it to say I’ll likely be singing it with him when he plays Electric Cowboy the day after Thanksgiving this year.

Curt’s first live album “Live at The Parish” drops September 18. To pre-order it click here. Then check out the big tease.

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