We had a wonderful Easter weekend at the Merrell household as we celebrated and reflected upon the Resurrection of our Lord.  However, for one of the Merrell family members, it was an insurrection that caused some stress over the weekend.  

Meet Ferb.

We found this snowy white cat some years ago and our kids made the decision that he needed to be our latest stray forever family member.  It has become apparent through the years, that it's Ferb's world and we're just living in it.  His beds, his sofa, his blankets, his hairbands, they all used to be our possessions, but not anymore.

The yard is also his.  If we want to mow, we have to ask his permission, lest we disturb him from his nap.  However, on this Easter Sunday, little did we know that a baby mockingbird had taken refuge in an area of sticks in our back yard.  And, in case you didn't know, mockingbirds are protective and eager to show it.  Ferb, who doesn't give up easily, finally gave in to the mockingbird's insurrection.

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