A few weeks ago, we revealed on the Merrell in the Morning Show on KICKS 105 that Walgreens across America would soon be carrying Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn.  After several trips to their Halloween section, I have finally found it.

Danny Merrell
Danny Merrell

Six flavors of candy corn that include cranberry sauce, roasted turkey, green beans, stuffing, glazed carrots, and sweet potato pie.  Could the flavor engineers at Brach's really bring those flavors into these triangular sugar bombs? We decided to find out.

Sean Ericson, Mark Cunningham and myself (Danny Merrell) made a video of our taste test event.  The biggest problem right off the bat was trying to identify which candies were which flavors. It was easy to figure out that the green candy corn would be green bean flavored and the red ones would be cranberry, but there was no reference index included, so we had to rely on sorting out the flavors through our taste buds.

As you can see in the video, that didn't go very well.  Brach's website refers to these as sweet and savory.  Sweet - maybe, savory - not even close.

In the end, let's just say we wouldn't advise handing these treats out for Halloween nor putting them out in a bowl for guests to enjoy during the holidays.  Unless, you want the guests to leave, then, these candy corns might just do the trick.

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