Wednesday afternoon, I paid a visit to the Alternative Business Services Workshop in Lufkin, and it was my honor to spend time with some wonderful men and women. 

The facility is a vocational day-hab for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of the facility is to assist and teach them skills they need in hopes to one day live on their own.

I was very pleased to learn that KICKS 105 is the station that they keep on all the time while at the workshop.  And BOY!...Do they know their country music!  Our talk was very informal and involved a lot of questions and answers, and from Carrie Underwood to George Strait to Dolly Parton, we talked in depth about country music and some of the features on the Merrell in the Morning Show, such as Tabloid News and our Nashville Update from Jimmy Carter.  I also learned that I apparently play the song 'Buy Me a Boat' way too much.

I want to personally thank all the folks at Alternative Business Services for inviting me out.  This visit made my day and I'm proud to have some new friends.


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