Some of the top cat-naming trends include names that could double as kid names, and other popular cat names reference alcohol.  

Know any cats named Lily or Bella?  Not only do those make great names for little girls, but they're also in the top ten names for cats.  And for boy cats (or Tom cats I should say...forgive this dog person), the top names are Charlie, Jack, Jasper, and Dexter.

Now for the alcohol references... if you have a cat named Kahlua, you're not alone. Whiskey, Porter, and Guinness are high on the list too.  Are these cats named at 11pm on a Saturday night at poker parties and they stick?  That's so weird to name a cat after booze!  Oh, right.  We have Brandy.  That doesn't seem so odd and it works for cats and people.  Pinot might make a cute cat name too actually.

Ten percent of cats have human names overall, and 22 percent of dogs have human names.

My silly aunt June's favorite cat was named Limo.  She could always make people think she had a limousine that way.

What did you name your cat?  We're curious about these things.  Let us know.

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