Polk County Sheriff Bryon Lyons has issued a statement warning the public that the Sheriff's Office has reason to believe that drugs being distributed in the area may be laced with Fentanyl or an unknown chemical.  The drugs specified in a release on the Polk County Sheriff's Facebook Page include crystal meth and heroin.
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It is believed that these laced drugs have contributed to at least one death of a Polk County resident, and has led to three other county residents to be taken to various hospitals.  Those persons are reportedly in critical condition.
Polk County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
Polk County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
According to the Facebook post, on Tuesday, March 9, Sheriff Lyons along with detectives responded to a location in the Ace area of Polk County concerning the death of an individual and two others that were believed to have consumed methamphetamines. Sheriff Lyons suspects that due to the evidence located at the scene along with drug evidence, all three individuals consumed the unknown drug laced with an unknown chemical.
Later on Tuesday, another individual was discovered in a different subdivision with the same symptoms stating that he also consumed drugs associated with the three individuals from earlier. This person was transported to a local hospital.
At this time detectives are conducting an investigation and awaiting information from the Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office as well as from the hospitals where the individuals were transported to for treatment.
Sheriff Lyons asked that anyone with information as to the illegal use and sale of narcotics to contact and report to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 936-327-STOP (7867).

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