Residents in the ArkLaTex continue to be on edge Tuesday morning as authorities continue their search for an escaped prisoner who is a suspect in a double homicide.

According to reports, Charles Obin Sprayberry escaped from jail in Cass County, Texas Monday evening around 7:45 pm. He was last seen wearing white boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.  He is considered armed and dangerous.

Cass County is located south of Texarkana and northeast of Shreveport.  Atlanta, Texas is the county seat there.

Cass County Judge Travis Ransom has been providing updates on his Facebook Page.  His latest update was released at 8:30 Tuesday morning. Here is the content of that update:

I know all are anxious for an update but there isn’t much to report. Local, regional, state, and federal law enforcement and first responders all descended on Cass County in the night and are working diligently together. JP1 Barbara McMillon and I were also on scene until late in the night. Again, I will not comment on the details of the search or capabilities involved nor will I speculate as to the suspect’s motives, intentions or thoughts. I will provide another update after noon or sooner if available.

Numerous law enforcement personnel have responded to the area.  Residents in the immediate vicinity have been warned to be vigilant and observant of their surroundings.  We haven't heard of any lockdowns on area schools or businesses.

Sprayberry, 42, is from Atlanta, Texas, and according to a report, is a person of interest in the double murder of a couple whose bodies were found in a burned RV trailer near Bivins, Texas on March 12.  He was captured and arrested in Beauregard Parish in Louisiana on March 25.

Anyone with information concerning his location should contact local law enforcement immediately.

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