As East Texans we are pretty self sufficient. We've either got great neighbors that come together to help those in a crisis, or we just know how to tough out a bad situation.

We've gotten used to snakes, wild animals, and overbearing heat. We're not afraid of guns or strangers, but the idea of drinking unsweet tea can leave some folks shivering in fear.

Here are a handful of fears we share as proud Texans.

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    This is a pretty serious fear. As Texans, we pretty much assume everyone has a gun somewhere on them, so for a robber to be crazy enough to break in somewhere, there's no telling what else they're capable of.

    For those of us who live out in the boondocks, we think the cover of trees keep our homes safe. Better safe than sorry though. GO ahead and lock up when you leave.

    The crazy thing is this ISN'T a fear for many as gun owners itch to use their latest present from Santa.

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    This one seems like a joke, but the real fear is that many of our neighbors seem to think they can drive like nothing has changed when the roads are wet.

    Tire technology has come a long way, but you should still exercise a little more caution when there are reports of flooding in areas.

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    School Break

    Okay this one is more of a humorous fear, but with school letting the little ones out, it can be a chore to occupy their time with fun, cheap, educational things to do.

    We've compiled a small list here. Click me!

  • Lovebugs on Goldenrod flowers
    Lovebugs on Goldenrod flowers

    Love Bugs

    Over the years we've gotten good at handling mosquitos, spiders, and dangerous critters.

    We haven't gotten used to love bug season. For a large chunk of time we've got to go without washing our cars or driving anywhere. What a chore.

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    Power Out

    Save the meat!

    As Texans, most of us are pretty well equipped for a power outage. You've got a generator, candles, batteries, and all the other stuff you'll need to make it through the outage.

    If you've got deer meat in the deep freezer, that can be the first thing that runs through your head when the lights go out. Move fast and keep that meat frozen.

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    Sean Gallup, Getty Images

    Gas Shortage

    This ain't New York.

    There are some folks that live hours away from where they work. Some people are 30+ minutes away from the closest store.

    We've all experienced a gas shortage at some time, and it's not a fun thing to have sneak up on you.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Taking Our Guns

    This one is more of a challenge than a fear. Same with the intruders ... Go ahead and try.

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    Car Accidents

    This kind of goes with the "rain" fear, but when you hear there's been an accident, a rush of fear can go through you as we are a pretty tight knit community, and whoever has been injured is most likely a loved one.

    Even worst, if we're the one in the accident, there's a good chance whoever hit ya doesn't even have insurance.

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