Kenny Chesney is doing everything he can to help the people of the Virgin Islands recover from Hurricane Irma. Now, an EMT is thanking the country music singer with a heartfelt Facebook message.

"I have always respected Kenny Chesney as a musician, but over the last week I have grown to respect him as a man, an islander, and an American. He is keeping us alive, and I thank him for it," EMT Jake Bradley posted on Sunday (Sept. 17). "Kenny, if you ever see this know that from me as the EMT in the field who has been using those supplies, you have saved lives through your enormous generosity. The entire hospital nearly cried when we saw your first helicopter touch down with supplies a few days ago. Thank you."

Since the hurricane blew through, Chesney has been actively helping the people of the islands in any way that he can. He says the relief efforts are hampered by the fact that Hurricane Maria subsequently destroyed such large parts of St. Croix. He's donated money, supplies and even his private plane to help with the efforts.

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He even tried to help out before the storm hit by allowing people to hide out in his home in the Virgin Islands. 17 people hid from the storm in his home, which the hurricane ultimately destroyed.

Once the storm passed, Chesney used his personal plane to help people get off the island and back to Tennessee. He also helped two brothers get back home when they became stranded due to Hurricane Irma. The pair were on the island of St. John when the hurricane hit and had no way of getting back to their mother in Philadelphia. Luckily, Chesney stepped in and offered his private jet to transport the boys back home.

When his plane isn't being used to carry people from the storms, it's being filled with supplies and flown in. Since it's difficult for commercial flights to get into the area, very little traffic is coming to the islands to bring help. With Chesney's supplies, rescue teams are able to help those in need.

The country music singer created a special foundation for the cause as well, Love for Love City. The foundation is a place where fans can donate money to help victims of the storms. He's also writing music to tie into the organization's theme and has a concert planned to raise funds.

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