Texas is a pretty active place, but we're missing the boat when it comes to regular exercise.  In fact, we stink.  But we can change that with a pretty simple routine.

See which Texas cities are the top ones for working out, and why people in Colorado aren't  lounging around on the couch a whole lot.

Almost six out of ten people in Temple-Killeen consider themselves to be regular exercisers, meaning they work out for at least thirty minutes a day, and at least three days a week.  And Temple-Killeen is the top exercise spot in Texas.  Who knew!  Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth area we might have guessed and although they did make the top 100, Temple-Killeen kicks all of our out-of-shape gluteus maximuses.  In Texas anyway.

The poll from Gallup and Sharecare found that the US city that has the most regular exercisers is Boulder, CO with almost 7 in 10 people there hitting the gym at least three days a week.

Here are some of the other top cities for exercise, as posted in Livescience.com:

1. Boulder, CO 69.6 percent

2. Fort Collins, CO 67.9 percent

3. San Luis Obispo–Paso Robles–Arroyo Grande, CA 67.0 percent

4. Greeley, CO 65.3 percent

5. Santa Rosa, CA 62.3 percent

6. Urban Honolulu, HI 61.4 percent

7. Hilton Head Island–Bluffton–Beaufort, SC 61.4 percent

8. Anchorage, AK 61.3 percent

9. Clarksville, TN–KY 61.0 percent

10. Chico, CA 60.9 percent

11. Santa Maria–Santa Barbara, CA 60.7 percent

12. Colorado Springs, CO 60.7 percent

13. San Diego–Carlsbad, CA 60.6 percent

14. Burlington–South Burlington, VT 60.5 percent

15. Bremerton–Silverdale, WA 60.3 percent

16. Barnstable Town, MA 60.1 percent

17. Duluth, MN–WI 58.7 percent

18. Lynchburg, VA 58.6 percent

19. Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, CO 58.3 percent

20. Boise City–Nampa, ID 58.1 percent

21. Albuquerque, NM 58.1 percent

22. San Francisco–Oakland–Hayward, CA 57.8 percent

23. Portland–Vancouver–Hillsboro, OR–WA 57.7 percent

24. Killeen–Temple, TX 57.7 percent

25. Springfield, MO 57.7 percent

All we have to do to get some attention for being fit, is to knock out thirty minutes a day of exercise, three times per week.  It could be walking or swimming or something else kinda fun that doesn't feel like exercise.  Oh, and we should get all of our friends to do it too, and show Boulder who's boss.

Wanna start this weekend?  Walking around the Texas State Forest Festival sounds like a good plan.  That counts, right?


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