You would think that the craze would be over by now...

Christmas 2018 is in the books. Well, unless you've got some more celebrations planned because schedules don't always make for a perfect December 25 celebration. For those of us that have finished the festivities, are you still feeling an immense urge to shop? This is the first year that I really feel like I should be filling up a cart either online or in a store post Christmas. Why? Three simple words.

After. Christmas. Sale.

Yep. I've seen and heard countless ads for these "after Christmas sales." Whether stores are trying to unload out-of-date inventory or they didn't sell everything they anticipated, so now they are slapping discount tags on everything. And you know what? It's working.

Here we are basking in the afterglow of a holiday when we are given lots of stuff. Even if you received just one gift this year, you kind of start adopting this feeling of receiving. And it feels good. For me, the people in my life absolutely nailed the things I wanted this year. So, of course, this now means that I deserve more of what I want.

Even if I have to get out there and get it myself.

And don't even get me started on New Years resolutions. In addition to those sale signs, we hear all of these people tell us that the only way we're going to be successful in the new year is to buy, buy, buy. Buy the membership, buy the gear, buy the "as seen on TV" mumbo-jumbo. You know how I know this? I've already given into it. I just got myself a pair of new workout shoes because I need them get fit in 2019.

When does it stop? Are you feeling the same way? Or did Santa bring you everything your heart desired this week?

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