The Cave Springs Rescue Squad in Roanoke, Va, has quite a situation on their hand.

Tracy Rolan, also known as former porn actress Harmony Rose, has started volunteering as an EMT for the squad, and this is causing all kinds of controversy.  The chief of the volunteer outfit doesn't like the possible backlash this shines on the department, but, according to the county attorney, there's not much that can be done at this point since she is classified as only a temporary volunteer.

After a six month probationary period, her permanent status on the department will then come to a vote.

Here are some things that they may need to consider on both sides of the fence:

Does her presence on the team cause ridicule to the department and other employees?

Despite her past profession, doesn't everyone deserve a fresh start?  And as long as she is able to handle the job's duties, would terminating her be a form of discrimination?

How will she be treated by fellow employees?

And on the funnier side, would the department get false rescue calls by some crazy guys that are hoping to get mouth to mouth resuscitation?

What do you think?  What if the same situation played out in East Texas?

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