The 4th of July is supposed to be the biggest grilling holiday of the year.  And since grilling usually involves a cold, frothy beverage, it will be big for beer sales too.  Here's a way to combine the two!

My dad has made this recipe many times, and it's a hit every time.  How does that chicken stay so juicy?  With beer!  And you might love the fact that you get to drink half the can before sticking the chicken down on top of it.  This is not a new recipe - in fact pioneers might have mastered it - but I thought I'd pass it along in case you've never tried it.

A whole chicken

Olive or vegetable oil

Pinches of salt and pepper and your favorite dry rub

A can of beer

Gulp some beer, set the chicken on top so the beer can is in the bird's cavity, oil up the bird, sprinkle on the seasoning, and cook it over medium-high, indirect heat for an hour or and hour and a half, until the internal temp gets to 165.

The secret to successful and fun grilling is always to pick foods that take awhile, right? Burgers aren't so much fun to grill because they're done quickly and there's not enough time for the cook to rest and drink between flips.  With ribs, brisket, and whole chickens, you can check on the meat and then sit down and relax for twenty minutes or an hour before you have to get up again.

With the 4th on Saturday this year, Friday is a holiday for many of us.  Let the grilling begin.


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