4th of July

Why Are We So Obsessed With Hot Dogs on the 4th of July?
I asked my neighbor Chuck what he had planned for the 4th of July, and he said, "I don't know, but my wife wants a hot dog." Of course, she does! A hot dog craving comes right along with every road trip we'll take this week and every firework we'll see. And there's a…
Fireworks are No Joke. Avoid a Trip to the Lufkin ER This Week.
It's been a year since Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants injured his hand in a gruesome fireworks accident, and he's been doing quite a few interviews lately about he dangers of fireworks.  Have you seen the pics?  They look like something out of the movies. Don't eat first.
Visits to ERs in E…
Strait A-Z Weekend
Fill in the blank:
American as _______.   Some answers that might come to mind include apple pie, baseball, or red, white, and blue.
Bird's eye view
You've never seen a fireworks display like this, or at least not from this vantage point.  Someone in Nashville flew a drone straight through the heart of a fireworks display giving us an amazing perspective.

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