On Wednesday, March 2, Angelina Beautiful/Clean will be hosting their annual Tree Seedling Giveaway, presented by Sterling Solutions.  Once again, AB/C will be teaming up with the Texas A&M Forest Service and Lowe's to facilitate this giveaway.
The event will take place from 9 a.m. until noon in the Lowe's Garden Center, rain-or-shine. A variety of hardwood trees will be available to give East Texans the opportunity to replenish trees that suffered drought or storm damage, or maybe you just want to add some beautiful landscaping to your property.
This is a first-come, first-served event.  Many times the tree seedlings have all been given away well before the noon deadline.  The tree seedlings are free to pick up, however, tax-deductible donations to Angelina Beautiful/Clean are always welcome.
Here's a breakdown of the varieties that will be distributed on March 2.  Descriptions of each plant from various websites are also included.

Black Oak – 200

  • "One of eastern Texas' most attractive oaks, it has deep rich green leaves in the summer and golden yellow fall color. It is highly intolerant of shade."

Nuttall Oak – 200

  • "A large, but infrequent tree of the bottomlands, reaching heights of 75 feet or more and a trunk to 2 feet in diameter; upper limbs are ascending, while lower limbs often droop; base develops a buttress on larger trees."

Sawtooth Oak – 400

  • "Sawtooth Oak is a medium to large deciduous shade tree from Asia. Dead leaves are retained into late fall or early winter, particularly on juvenile plants. Summer foliage is a dark glossy green and growth is rapid for an oak."

Shumard Oak – 600

  • "Shumard Red Oak is an upright tree that can attain a height of 120 feet. It is found on rich bottomland soils, moist woods, and along streams in the eastern third of Texas. It is fast-growing, with an open canopy and stout spreading branches. Leaves are a rich green that turns scarlet in the fall."

Water Oak – 600

  • "A large tree to 90 feet or more and a trunk to 3 feet in diameter, with a dense, round crown of dark green foliage."

Bald Cypress – 200

  • "A large tree that can grow to over 100 feet tall and a straight trunk to 8 feet in diameter, with numerous ascending branches. Young trees display a narrow, conical outline, but old trees have a swollen, fluted base, a slowly tapering trunk, and a broad, open, flat top. In swamps, they develop distinctive woody growths from the root system called "knees."

Silky Dogwood – 200

  • "Silky dogwood is a large to medium-sized native shrub with creamy white spring flowers, dark green foliage, and reddish stems and burgundy fall color."

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