Hard to believe that eight years have already passed since Michael Jackson’s death, but time’s a goon like that. And as time passes, the question of what shape his legacy will take must be answered. While we’d be remiss to gloss over the ethical lapses and general trainwreckishness of the man’s final years (and doubly remiss not to point out the cruel, exacting factors in his life that drove him to that state), the time has come for a bit of enshrinement. Next month, the Michael we prefer to remember — the virtuosic performer, the boundary-pushing titan of art — will return for a glorious new tribute.

Rumors have long circulated of a 3D restoration of the musician’s immortal Thriller video, and this morning brings the news that it’s all true. The Estate of Michael Jackson announced in a press release earlier today that Thriller 3D is real, and what’s more, it’ll get a long-awaited world premiere next month at the Venice Film Festival. Director John Landis supervised the conversion, which will not recut the film in any way, aside from adding the dimension of depth and cleaning up the sound quality. And while the Venice premiere is the only screening scheduled at present, there’s no doubt that stateside audiences will eventually be able to drink in a zombified Michael Jackson like never before.

Paired with Thriller 3D is a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes documentary logically titled The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, also set to open in Venice. While I understand that a dress code will not be enforced, red jackets with zippers are highly recommended. Below, feel free to revisit the original 1983 Thriller clip, in two pitiful dimensions:

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