Garth Brooks is coming back!!!  First, his website is alive again after many years of no new updates.  Second, a new box set of CD's is available.  Third, he just did a LIVE appearance from the Wynn in Las Vegas!  Fourth..???  Click "Read More" to find out!

Fourth, there are some very interesting ???? on his website, which leads us to the conclusion that he'll be announcing something very exciting soon.  My sources in Nashville say that Garth and Trisha are finishing up a brand new album of duets, and that they'll announce a world tour to begin summer of 2014!  Those two on stage together will be an amazing night of music.  Garth Brooks is the top selling country artist of all time, and the second best selling solo artist in the US, right behind Elvis with 128 million albums sold.  Trisha Yearwood is, in my opinion, the most dynamic, and under appreciated female artist ever!  The even more amazing thing about these two people besides their talent, is the love they share between each other.  It is something truly special, and Garth is never at a loss for words when it comes to "Ms. Yearwood".  Watch Garth try to explain to Ellen what it feels like to be in love every day.  It's a beautiful thing!

You won't find any "official" Garth videos online, but here's one of GB performing with Billy Joel at Shea stadium from a couple of years ago.  Just a taste of what's to come kiddos!


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