(from a Georgia Pacific press release)

Next month students will begin the 2020-2021 school year; however, due to the pandemic, many students will experience a new learning environment. While some students will go back to the classroom with strict precautions in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19, others will complete their school year online from their homes. That’s why Georgia-Pacific is teaming up with the T.L.L. Temple Library in Diboll to enhance distance learning.

Recently Georgia-Pacific donated funds to the library to expand the facility’s online resources. In the picture above are T.L.L. Temple Library staff members (left to right) Chelsea Havard, Community Outreach Coordinator; and Chaunta Jolly, Children’s Coordinator.

“We are enhancing our e-book selection online as well as other tools that can help students with their classroom studies,” said Justin Barkley, T.L.L. Temple Library Director. “Library operations have rapidly changed through the years as more people go online to search for information and read books instead of physically visiting our facility. That is even more evident today in the wake of the virus. In order for us to continue to effectively serve our patrons, it is important that we invest in online resources.”

Established in 1960, Diboll’s first public library opened with a modest 1200 donated books and an operating budget of $800 raised by the Friends of the Diboll Library. Today sixty years later the library continues to serve the area thanks to public support, contributions and grants from local companies and foundations.

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