Now, I haven't done any research whatsoever on this next statement, so there's your disclaimer. However, I feel pretty confident in saying this: MOST people like lemonade. I mean, it's lemonade, right? Can we just agree that most people like it? I hope so. If not, the information below is going to go south for you guys, real quick.

Now with that being said, if you're one of the people that likes lemonade, go ahead and make plans to go to McAlister's Deli in Lufkin tomorrow. Why? Because you can get lemonade that day for $1. ONE DOLLAR. ONE BUCK. FOUR QUARTERS. 10 DIMES. 20 NICKELS. 100 PENNIES. Have I made myself clear? YOU CAN GET A LEMONADE THERE FOR ONE DOLLAR. There. Now I've made my point.

Tuesday, August 20th is actually National Lemonade Day. In honor of that, McAlister's Deli will be selling their pure cane sugar lemonade for a simple $1. Now, keep in mind, that $1 will only get you the original lemonade. If you want any additional flavor shots, those aren't included in the special. If you're like me, regular lemonade will be just fine.

This special on lemonade is available through any of your normal ordering venues - dine-in meals, to-go orders, or online orders. Shoot, you can even take advantage of it if you order it through a third-party, such as Waitr. But, as I mentioned before, you can only take advantage of it tomorrow.

So, now you have lunch plans. Get a McAlister's order, get a $1 cup of lemonade, and celebrate National Lemonade Day!

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