Granger Smith and his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr.'s "Holler" music video is their first one together — and Smith's favorite video he's ever done.

No surprise there, because it's pretty epic.

"Raise em' up to the sky / If you're tryin' to throw down / Get a little country faded take it way on out / Park your truck in the line / If you're lookin' for a buzz and the girls in love with the boys in the blue collars /  Holler," Smith sings in the chorus of "Holler," a song that's overshadowed by a video that features ATVS, motorbikes and semi trucks — even a helicopter!

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The "Holler" video begins pretty low-key, with Smith sitting on the back of his truck, his dog next to him as he texts his buddies ‘Dr. Demolition’ Matt Carriker, bull rider Dale Brisby, author and former sniper Nick Irving — and a few faces you may recognize from the internet — inviting them to come out to Yee Yee Ranch for a little fun.

What ensues is pure chaos: Off-roading, shooting guns, grilling, mudding, good times — it all goes down in the "Holler" video.There is even a man pulling a semi truck with his bare hands! Dibbles is there, too, and manages to get ahold of a fire truck to make a mud pit to offroad in, where he proceeds to eat mud. Things get pretty heated when he launches a shooting tournament, and by the end of the clip, the fire department makes a guest appearance.

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