Meet Libby.

She is is a 12-week old full-blood Boston Terrier puppy. On Sunday, Dec. 14, Libby was struck by a car at the intersection of 706 & Route 69 just north of Lufkin.  

Libby was rushed to Angelina Animal Hospital.  It was decided that her most serious issue was severe shock, which she was treated for overnight. That evening, Libby's owners were found. They are a good family, however they are not in a position currently to undertake her immediate, and after care.

Monday morning it was confirmed that Libby has a fractured tibia, which will need surgery for pins and, of course, she will need to wear a cast until her leg is fully healed. She also needs flea and tick treatment, her vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and rabies vaccinations.

We have a foster home for Libby to recover, and once she is well we plan to place her in her forever home, after she has been spayed and microchipped and a suitable family with a home study is found.

All of these services have a considerable and necessary cost (initial medical for her car accident alone will be $1000), and Libby needs your help. Any amount that you can spare would be greatly appreciated.


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