Here are a few ways you can keep up with the big money weigh-ins, exact weights, and exciting stories from Sealy Outdoor's Big Bass Splash out at Lake Toledo Bend.

Just last month, we were out at Lake Sam Rayburn doing our best to update the anglers and spectators of all the necessary updates. That information can be a HUGE factor when an angler thinks he's bringing in the exact 3.00 lb bass.

If he's still in his boat, and following along on our Twitter feed, he may see the precise moment the 3.00 is brought in. And while that fish hasn't been verified just yet, that could save the angler a lot of time. He/she may decide to turn his boat around and try for something more substantial in order to get a set with the top 15 of that hour.

Knowledge is power out on the lake, and while we are working hard to make sure everyone is notified and up to date, none of our work would mean a dang thing if we didn't have a decent internet connection.

Luckily for us, Big Boys Toys has come to our rescue.

Last month I talked about how Lufkin's Big Boys' Toys hooks us up with the HughesNet Gen 5 satellite dish giving us incredible internet speeds even when we are at the lake under all those tall trees. It's amazing to be out there with our computers and phones connected to the net as if we were back at the office. (Actually it seems faster on the lake)

You can follow us on Twitter for constant updates. Download our app to stream tunes on the lake or see Big Bass Splash related stories and videos. Follow us on Instagram to see the behind-the-scenes action and more.

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