The Kicks 105 team will need a reliable internet connection over the weekend at Lake Sam Rayburn. Thankfully, we have an ace up our sleeve ... Big Boys' Toys!

April 20th - 22nd, 2018, the Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash on Lake Sam Rayburn will take place. It's a big event with hourly payouts, and the anglers require up-to-the-minute updates on the competition in order to score the big bucks.

The Kicks 105 team works alongside the Sealy Outdoors team to make sure the anglers know whether or not to bring their catch in for the hour, leave it in the water, or keep fishin'. This information could cost someone in upwards of $5,000. With that kind of cash on the line, knowledge is power.

As part of the team delivering that knowledge, it's important that we have good internet out there, and if you see where we are, you can imagine the WiFi hot spots aren't just freely available to anyone. Even if Umphrey Family Pavilion provides WiFi, it will be bogged down by literally hundreds of spectators, anglers, and vendors.

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We aren't chancing it. The gang at Big Boys' Toys in Lufkin are hooking us up with our own personal HughesNet satellite dish. (America’s #1 choice for satellite internet.) We'll aim that sucker above the tall trees, and have seamless internet throughout the whole event.

We've been utilizing their services for years now, and it's helped us post pictures, bass weights, interesting stories, and more. We aren't the only ones that can get Gen5 high speed connections either. You can get a plan and have 25 Mbps download speeds wherever you live. Out here under the Pineywood veil ... that's pretty impressive.

The Big Boys' Toys technicians offer local service and support, so there's no hassle in set-up.

HughesNet Gen 5 via Big Boys' Toys