With "Single Man," High Valley double down on the foot-stomping, rootsy sound they've softly been introducing to mainstream country music crowds in the United States for the last four years. The new single is all about the melody and the passion.

Lyrically, singer and co-writer Brad Rempel is making sure his lover knows the worst day with her is better than the best day as a single man, and every single man (pun intended) out there knows it. It's a love song that pits the wild and carefree times a bachelor brags about against the safe and more personal beauty of marriage and longterm love.

Hand claps introduce the first verse before a full hillbilly orchestra of guitars, banjo and dobro whisk this feeling off to new places familiar, but not popular among traditional radio diehards. As they've done with their two previous U.S. hits "She's With Me" and "Make You Mine," the brother duo keep it contemporary with modern sounds and effects. This may be the most rhythmic act in country music. Each song they put to country radio — including "Single Man" — feels like something you'd keep time with around the campfire.

Did You Know?: "Single Man" is the first song from High Valley's next album.

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High Valley, "Single Man" Lyrics:

Well a single man / Goes wild and crazy on a Tuesday night / Stays out till 2AM and don't think twice / Burns through money and his pickup lines / And a single man / Is always down to grab a two-for-one / Makes a plan, ain't gotta ask no one / He can wake up anywhere he wants. 

I don't know a single man who'd pick a keg of whiskey over your kiss / Take a neon light over a night like this / Stay young forever over growing old with you / I don't know a single man / That ain't out looking for what I got / That wouldn't die to be where I am / I don't know, no I don't know a single man.

Yeah a single man / Don't get to wake up looking at your smile / Ain't late to work for kissing you goodbye / Don't get to hold you tight every single night.

Every single time you walk in a room / Every single guy has got their eyes on you. 

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