The Ellen Trout Zoo was started because of a hippopotamus. It wasn't the first animal they had, but it was the first large animal.

It just makes sense that they really celebrate the hippos at our zoo in Lufkin. We just got a new vet at the zoo, and of course, Dr. Jenna Rivais' first photo opp was with Nakili and Jazi.

The 50,000 gallon hippo aquarium exhibit at the zoo lets you see how graceful they are underwater. It is still one of the biggest attractions at the Ellen Trout Zoo.

Hippo Jazi Turned 19 At Ellen Trout Zoo And You Have To See Her Cake

Jazi was born at the prestigious San Diego Zoo on July 7th, 2003. Every year it seems to have become a tradition to give Jazi a watermelon, a favorite treat, on her birthday.

They usually just cut a chunk out to get them started and put them in. This year they made a beautiful two-tiered cake out of watermelon and what appears to be cantaloupe flowers, purple grapes, and more.

It looked just like a cake and must have taken some time to make. It didn't take her long to eat, as you can see.

If you haven't taken the kids to the Ellen Trout Zoo this summer you'll have to come to see all the new things that are going on at the zoo. They have remodeled the Solar Room reptile exhibit, and it is now open after being closed for several years.

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People come from all over the country and even the world to visit the Ellen Trout Zoo. People from big cities with large zoos love ours for the free parking and shorter walk to the entrance.

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