I have decided Christmas is the worst and most wonderful time of the year for several of my friends slaving away in the kitchen. I’ve watched a local businessman sprinkle happiness all around our office. What is he out passing around? Homemade Christmas treat! First, I tried the delicious homemade candied pecans he brought into the office. Then I tried this wonderful Chex mix that is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. This businessman reminded me the importance of sharing your favorite things with those you appreciate, and when you share something homemade you add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. What is it about seeing a homemade gift that gets you all giddy inside? When I receive something homemade I instantly start to worry about how much time that person spent in their kitchen. I guess it makes me savor and appreciate the gift even more.

From muddy buddies to reindeer snacks Christmas treats are the best kinds of treats. What is your go-to homemade treat to give out during the holidays? Share your recipe with us!

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