It sounds like social media doesn't necessarily make us more social.

How is it that a world that is so focused on social media seems to be more antisocial than ever? It's like we think signing up for an account and gaining a few followers means that we're gonna be OK. I'm a firm believe that actual human interaction, in real life, is essential to living a life that is fulfilling. No amount of technology can suffice for human touch.

And this study is further proof of that.

A recent study found that 22 percent of millennials have zero friends in real life. Oh, I'm sure they have acquaintances, but actual friends to share with, converse with and grow with? Non-existent. It's sad and ironic to think that the social media generation is so lonely. In fact, that same study says that 30 percent of millennials "always or often feel lonely."

My heart hurts for people who feel like they have no one in life. For some, it may be because it's hard to make time for friends in this hustle and bustle world and for others it may be difficult to make friends as an adult. I learned this during one of my life moves where I didn't really know anyone in the city I was moving too. That being said, I also think it's time to start facing the reality that social media isn't enough. Life opens up and possibilities come your way when you're willing to put your phone down.

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