A pretty common question that I get asked from people that aren't from here is, "How do you celebrate July 4th in East Texas?" Well, it's probably pretty much the same as everywhere else in the South, but I answer it every time I'm asked anyway.

Around here, we generally fire up a BBQ pit. We smoke all the great things. I'm talking about brisket, ribs, and chicken. We grill hamburgers, steaks, and more. Not all at the same time - usually - but we do get on kicks where we have all of these food items all at once.

We spend the entire day with family and friends. Yes, the BBQ pit went first, because that's the chronological order. We fire up the pit, THEN the friends and fam spend the day with us AROUND the pit, throwing washers, playing dominoes, etc. It's a pretty awesome time with those closest to us.

Then, we cap off the 4th by shooting off as many fireworks as we can find. Big ones, small ones, sparklers, smoke bombs - you show up with it, and we'll light it up and cause the explosion. Honestly, there's a bunch of people around here that are right on the verge of pyromania because of all the flames and explosions.

So, there you have it. If you weren't sure about how we spent Independence Day in Deep East Texas, now you know. We're proud of the U.S.A and we love to celebrate it.

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