We're talking about this on the show today.

Let's say you're at Lufkin Mall and you spot something expensive that you just have to have.

Do you need approval from your better half?  Or, after you buy it, do you reveal how much you spent?

It might depend on how much that thing costs, and men and women have completely different price points.  It turns out guys will spend an insane amount of money without telling their wives.  See if you agree on the price where it becomes necessary to tell your better half.  

Experian did a survey, and figured out that one third of newlyweds are surprised by their spouse's finances once they get hitched.  Doesn't that seem like an essential conversation? Most of us want to know if we're linking up with a rocket ship with the sky as the limit, or... the Titanic.

Men are more likely to hide money, according to the survey.  Sometimes it's not "hiding," as much as it is just keeping it separate.  Many successful couples keep separate bank accounts for independence sake, and they keep one common account to cover the mortgage and electric bill.  Sometimes it works.  But sometimes financial freedom can be the start of a divorce proceeding.

Women will spend $383 before telling their spouse.  That's a few expensive pairs of jeans and a tablet or two before feeling the need to tell the hubs.  But check this out.  Guys will spend $1259 before finally breaking down and telling their wives.  Mmmyeah.  Does that give wives the license to spend the same amount, or would they flip?

Couples are fascinating, and this makes for some great Lufkin Mall people-watching.  And it's a good conversation starter for dinner tonight. So babe, when did you buy THAT?!

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