That Sadie Hawkins Day is coming up, when women traditionally pop the question instead of the guy.  What are the odds that guys will say yes?

Sadie Hawkins Day seems like kind of a new-fangled idea, but it's actually been around for a long time.  It's recognized on February 29th, every four years because of leap year.

Sadie wasn't an actual person, but appeared in a Li'l Abner comic strip in 1937.  The story goes she was the homely daughter of a rich and powerful man, and she was "so ugly" she couldn't land a husband, so she chased a bunch of guys around until she caught one.  And she married him.  I think this might be what single gals did for fun before the days of Tinder and Zoosk.  At least now we don't have to physically chase them.  Just swipe!

Today, the majority of guys will say yes if a woman proposes, according to a Red7 study.  In fact, seventy-three percent would say yes.  Seven out of ten!  Bravery pays off, ladies. You got this.

But you know what these guys are probably thinking, right?  That they don't have to buy the ring!!  Sure, they'll give us an easy yes, thinking they just saved themselves some leg work and a few thousand dollars.  Little do they realize, once we pop the question, we're taking them and their credit cards ring shopping!

Guys, would it freak you out if she proposed?  If you've been with her for five or six years and you still haven't done it, she just might take matters into her own hands on the 29th.  This is your friendly heads up.

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