Is the 4th of July already coming up this Saturday?  Let the rush to get fireworks get started. 

There are many fireworks stands located all across East Texas.  Many of those are run by volunteers who are raising funds for various deserving charities and non-profit organizations.  I received a call last week from folks who are involved with the Hudson Class of 2016 Project Celebration Fireworks Stand.  They wanted to know if we could mention their stand on the air.

I decided to take it to the next level.  Instead of just mentions, let's do a video featuring some of the student volunteers, and let these students educate the public about some of these fireworks.  Even if they don't know exactly what each firework does, hey, a little exaggeration when it comes to blast powder and fire can't be all bad.

So, we turned on the video and let the Hudson Class of 2016 shine...and even rap and beat box.  A special thanks to Cameron Nerren, Haley Mackey, Hadlee Hollis, Marcy Thomason, and Cason Berry for allowing us to display their talents!

The Hudson Project Celebration Fireworks Stand is located on Highway 94 by the fire station.  They're open from 3pm-9pm through Wednesday, 10am-10pm on Thursday, and 10am - Midnight Friday and Saturday.

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