By now, you’ve no doubt given yourselves a sloth name and a blues name. (Our are “Fluff the Procrastinating Wookie” and “Old Bad Boy Dupree,” respectively.) Well, now’s your chance to get a moniker worthy of a Panem resident with this handy ‘Hunger Games’ name generator.

Courtesy of the folks at Vulture, this nifty widget prompts users to enter a name and gender, then spits out futuristic-sounding monikers like “Bise Scrymgeour,” “Scorpii Selkirk,” “Eta Spectral” and “Persei Baxwoll.”

In case anyone’s wondering, we ended up with “Lartius Dinwiddie,” which leaves a bit to be desired. (It kind of sounds like a Harry Potter name.) Still, we suppose it’s no stranger than any other character name from the wildly popular young adult series. Try it and tell us yours!

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