It's a pretty simple formula:  lots of rain + earth = mud.

Mud usually isn't going to cancel a football game.  It won't be pretty, but, unless there is lightning about, the game will go on. If you can plan ahead, all the better.  For instance, last week, Diboll was supposed to play at home against Cleveland, but because of the recent heavy rains and soggy field, that game was moved to Cleveland.

However, sometimes you just have to deal with the elements.

Huntington played their homecoming game on turf that at times had the consistency of slime.  Obviously, when it comes to halftime, there's no way any drill team is going to perform their routine on a field like that.  But then again, you don't know the Huntington Highsteppers.

The routine is to the song 'Sea Cruise', which they will be performing during Spring Break while aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship 'Valor'.  Sure, there's still plenty of time to practice between now and then, but this is homecoming, and not mud nor driving rains was going to stop one of the premiere dance teams in East Texas from dancing on a field that many souped up 4X4s couldn't get through.  Not only did the Highsteppers get through the routine...they shined beautifully.  They were flawless, certainly not spotless, but, because of the unique conditions, the girls said it will be their most memorable halftime performance ever.  Plus, isn't mud supposed to be good for the complexion?

We won't even mention the hours afterwards that had to go into cleaning, sanding, and painting the props, uniforms, boots, etc...but, to those that had to do that, job well done.

Thanks to Gary Stallard, here are a few more pics from the homecoming performance.

Photo credit/Gary Stallard