When it comes to dangerous jobs, law enforcement ranks high on that list.  I just can't imagine going to a job where your life could be threatened at any given time of the day or night.

Photo contributed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Photo contributed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

With that being said, those that work in law enforcement must also have some of the weirdest and craziest stories.  Every month or so, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department sends out 'field notes' on some of the more compelling incidents involving Texas Game Wardens. I often wonder how the officers keep a straight face on some of these calls.

In the latest edition, i think my favorite story has to be about an event that happened in Jasper County.  In this incident, a Jasper County game warden received a call about a deer killed out of season. Upon arriving at the residence, the warden and their partner noticed a bloody cooler with loppers lying next to it. The owner of the residence told the wardens that he picked up the deer from the side of the road. When asked if he notified anyone, the man said, (here's my favorite part) “Yes. I called 911, but no one answered.” Well, if you're going to come up with an alibi, you might as well make it as memorable as possible. It was later determined the individual shot the deer on his property. Citations were issued.

Let's move to central Texas where three Williamson County game wardens were checking night fisherman at Lake Granger and the San Gabriel River when one of the wardens spotted a man and child using a cast net along the bank of the Wilson Fox Fishing Pier. The wardens contacted the individuals and the child just couldn't contain his excitement and said they had several fish in a bucket and one was a really big fish. The warden inspected the fish and pulled out a largemouth bass measuring 14 inches and asked the child if he caught the big fish. The child replied, “No, my brother caught it with the cast net.” When confronted, the adult admitted to catching one largemouth bass and a crappie. Citations and civil restitution were filed.  Gotta love the honesty of a child.

And finally, a Newton County game warden was patrolling southern Newton County when he saw an ATV being illegally operated on a public roadway while the occupants were holding rifles. When the warden contacted the suspects and noticed they had a spotlight with them. The warden asked them what they were doing, and the group said they were riding around looking for animals to shoot from the roadway, but they 'hadn’t killed anything yet'.  Cases are pending.


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