Every town has items that you don't bring into it. I'm not talking about across the board illegal, like drugs and things of that nature. I'm talking about items that have their own unspoken rules about them. They're the items that, if you bring them into a public place, you know they shouldn't be there, based on the looks you get from the locals.

In case you're new to Nacogdoches, or maybe just aren't sure about what not to bring in, this is the list for you. Pay close attention. This is for your own safety.


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    Sam Houston Paraphernelia

    Want to be ostracized by an entire town? Bring in something from SFA's rival school in. You'll learn.

  • Inhabitat.com


    This is actually just an extension of Sam Houston stuff. Considering their school color is orange, just avoid that color altogether.

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    Patriots Gear

    Tom Brady, Gronk, NOPE.

  • Axe body spray website
    Axe body spray website

    Body Spray

    It doesn't matter what brand it is, Nac-natives aren't trying to make the city smell like a junior high locker room. If someone catches a whiff of you wearing this stuff in public, you'll hear about it...

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