Card 53, the hilarious comedy improv group is heading back to Lufkin for a Valentine's Singles Awareness show right before the holiday that must not be named.

Whether you've got a date for Valentine's Day or just decide that you'll go in a group of friends, loud laughs and live entertainment will be waiting at The Laughing Spot in downtown Lufkin.


The alcohol situation can be a bit confusing, but you basically have to bring your own cooler, but have a $10 bill for the "okay" and constant table service of cups and ice.

Their "Makem-Ups" will involve you writing a few suggestions on some note pads. Back in November they ended up having so many "Trump" related suggestions, that it took a minute to sift through the bucket for something non political.

Don't get me wrong ... They'll do the Trump jokes, but after a while, you'll be begging for a good dinosaur-related skit or two.

Here's a snapshot of when Card 53 showed up during the Laughing Spot's very first night. These guys like to venture out into the audience to look for volunteers.

Card 53 Comedy

As you can see from this picture we took at their November appearance, you can be ready to interact with the show.


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