As of 4pm today, Hurricane Isaac has top winds of 80mph and is located about 40 miles off the extreme southeastern tip of Louisiana.

Landfall could happen as early as this evening, but what does Isaac have in store for East Texas? 

If Isaac follows the National Hurricane Center's predicated path,  over the next 3 days East Texas could see some rather heavy rains, anywhere from 1-3 inches in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area to upwards of 6 inches closer to Toledo Bend.  Keep in mind, that means isolated amounts --- not everyone is going to get that much rain.

isaac 082812 4p

However, if some of the other hurricane models prove true and place the inland track of Isaac further west, we could have some higher rainfall amounts.  And, on the other hand, if Isaac tracks closer along the Mississippi River, there may be just a scattering of rain in the area.

isaac models 0828 4p

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