2020 has given us yet another way to remember it.

How nice.

Numerous cities in East Texas set daily records on Monday for having the warmest low temperature for that day.  Sunday morning/Monday morning, Lufkin's official low temperature was 79 sticky degrees.  When you left for school or work Monday morning, you were probably already sweating before you put the car in drive.  The city's previous 'high' minimum temperature for August 31st was 75 degrees set back in 2012.

Many cities in the area set similar records.  Longview, Tyler, and Shreveport all reported their daily warmest low temperature for August 31st.  Galveston's low temperature on Sunday night/Monday morning was 87.  That set an all-time record for the warmest low temperature EVER. Galveston started recording weather data in 1874, so that gives you an idea of how impressive, or depressive, this record is.

So, in the ever-growing list of 2020 low lights we have a pandemic, protests, murder hornets, a record hurricane and you can now add night time air so dense and warm you'll gain 4 pounds when you inhale.



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