One of the best parts of my job working at KICKS 105 is getting to inform listeners that they have just won a prize.  It's great to be able to call someone out of the blue to inform them that they have just won a gift card or perhaps a prize package, but nothing beats contacting someone and letting them know that they have just won cash...lots of cash.

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Every Spring and Fall, KICKS 105 stirs up our Cash Cow to pay out tens of thousands of dollars to East Texans. That list keeps on growing with recent winners such as:

  • Arnita Cavender - Lovelady, TX - $1,000
  • Amanda Sosa - Lufkin, TX - $500
  • Stephanie McMullen - Huntington, TX - $1,000
  • Christina Fredregill - Huntington, TX - $1,000
  • Brandi Powers - Pollok, TX - $5,000
  • Stacy Maxey - Etoile, TX - $,1000
  • Brett Campbell - $10,000

In case you haven't noticed, it's Springtime again and we're ready to get the Cash Cow paying out.  Every weekday the KICKS 105 Cash Cow is guaranteeing two winners of up to $10,000.  At the top of every hour from 8 am - 5 pm listen for the Cash Cow Code Word, then enter the words in your KICKS 105 App.  That's ten words each day.  Get your friends and co-workers to listen for the words as well so that none of the words slip by.  There are bonus online entries as well to win more big cash payouts.

The KICKS 105 Cash Cow is powered by Gator Trax Custom Aluminum Bass Boats.  Play the KICKS 105 Cash Cow so that I can give you a surprise call to inform you that you just won cash!

Cash Cow Winners

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