Scammers are alive and well and stealing as much money from us as possible in Texas. Those scammers are getting smarter and smarter about doing it, too. So much so, they are possibly taking advantage of a charity loop hole to carry out their theft. This particular scam is asking for help in raising money for our local police force, in particular Kilgore Police. They had to go to their Facebook page to warn residents of what is going on so they don't fall victim but also give out the proper way to donate to an East Texas police force.

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Blue Envelope Scam

Kilgore Police went to their Facebook page recently to let residents know about blue envelopes that may show up in their mailbox. These envelopes will have "Kilgore Area Police and Officers Nationwide" showing through the envelope's window. Looks legitimate, right? You open the envelope and you read about being able to help the Kilgore Police Department in purchasing equipment they need to serve the community better. There is a check box with an affordable donation amount all the way to a large donation of $100. Just write your check and send it off and you are helping.

Well, Not Exactly

Kilgore Police say they this "Virginia based company" doesn't support the Kilgore Police Department or any police department in East Texas and beyond. Some commenters on the post pointed out that the company you are writing your check to, Citizens Behind the Badge, is well documented for being a scam organization. A simple Google search brings up a whole list of news articles about the fake organization:


Proper Way to Donate

After warning residents of this donation scam, Kilgore Police gave details into how to properly donate money that will support an East Texas police force. It is called the East Texas 100 Club. You can visit them at Here, you can make a donation that goes to the families of fallen first responders and other officers of the law as well as equipment and educational opportunities for police officers.

Wouldn't this be considered fraud?

That question was asked of Kilgore Police to which they answered that this organization may be using a loop hole to legally solicit for this donation.

What to Do if You Get This Blue Envelope

Take that envelope, rip it up and throw it in the trash. Do not send any money to that organization. Let anyone around you know that these blue envelopes are nothing more than an attempt to steal your money under the guise of helping our local law enforcement agencies.

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