The East Texas State Fair in Tyler, Texas is a long running tradition for most of us. The corn dogs, the rides, the turkey legs, the exhibition hall and I don't think I mentioned all the great fair food. For many decades, the fair has been on the grounds of what was Harvey Hall Convention Center and for many decades before that. Harvey Hall is no more with the construction of the new W.T. Brookshire Center. That also means that the East Texas State Fair will now have to find a new home starting with the fair in the fall of 2024.

Memories of the East Texas State Fair

Being a born and raised East Texan, I have many memories of going to the East Texas State Fair. I remember my parents taking me and my sister on a Saturday afternoon. We'd ride a few rides, grab some lunch and check out the exhibition halls inside Harvey Hall, the Mayfair Building and in the other buildings on the fairgrounds. I remember getting those free tickets at school, too, and getting to enjoy a Friday night with friends at the fair.

As a teenager, especially after I got my driver's license, I was granted a little bit of extra freedom to check out the fair on a school night. That was always fun for me and my friends, riding the rides, playing the midway games and grabbing a turkey leg. As an adult, and as the fair evolved, it was cool to take a night and enjoy the live entertainment (Bret Michaels and Terry Fator have been a couple cool highlights), being able to partake in a beer and, of course, grabbing a turkey leg.

Long Rumored Move

There had been rumors for well over a decade that the East Texas State Fair would move from the current fairgrounds on Front Street to another location so the fair could grow larger with more to do. Despite the fun and entertainment of a night at the fair, it was getting to be the same ole, same ole. A new venue for the fair could change that.

That is Happening in 2024

August 9, 2023, the city of Tyler ended the lease agreement for the State Fair of Texas (CBS 19). That means the fair will no longer held on the grounds of the new W.T. Brookshire Center. Instead, the fair will move to a new area on Highway 64 just past Walmart. This new area is named Park of East Texas Incorporated and extends from Highway 64 to Patton Lane to Highway 31.

This is a very bad drawing of the property line but you get the idea of the area of the space that is available for the East Texas State Fair.

New Location of East Texas State Fair - Google Maps
New Location of East Texas State Fair - Google Maps

2024 East Texas State Fair

The East Texas State Fair is scheduled for September 20 through September 29 of 2024. It should be an exciting year for the fair with this location and all the possibilities it could bring.

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