I can promise that I am not the only person in the great state of Texas who has broken one or two of these rules before. I'm aware that I am not perfect and make mistakes all the time, but I also try to not repeat my same mistakes. But sometimes people make mistakes without knowing they are being rude or using bad etiquette which is why I wanted to list some of the things we might be doing that could annoy others or just be bad etiquette.  

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What is bad etiquette? It’s basically not acting in an appropriate manner for a certain situation or setting. For example, you’re not going to have the same behavior when you’re hanging out with your friends as you do when you’re going out to lunch with your boss. Most people understand that you’re going to need to act more professionally when with your boss.  

It’s Not About “Not Offending” Other People in Texas 

Living in Texas is amazing, and most people don’t get offended easily, but using proper etiquette has nothing to do with offending others. It really is just more about you acting correctly depending on the setting that you’re in, so don’t worry too much about others when attempting to use proper etiquette. 

Let’s Look at the Etiquette Rules That Annoy Texans 

Here is a look at some etiquette rules that get broken all the time created by Wealth of Geeks that seem to annoy people in Texas quite often. If you can think of any others, put them in the comment section so I can add them to this list.   

Etiquette Rules Often Broken in Texas

Here are some simple etiquette rules to remember.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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