We just finished with an artic blast in Texas that brought below freezing temperatures for about four days and a couple of days of ice on the roads. Most of us just hunkered down and covered ourselves with blankets and stayed inside to keep warm. Some of us did venture out for a short period of time but it was hard because of the brutal cold. But what if you could tell the family during this recent artic blast to go put on their swim suits and jump in the pool? Sounds crazy, right? If you could get into this home for sale in Temple, Texas, you could do just that.

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Indoor Pool

Folks, this home has an indoor pool. Many of us would love to just have a pool in the backyard. Nope. Whoever built this home decided to go the extra mile and enclose the pool inside the walls of the home. Sure, you don't get to relax in a chair and get some Vitamin D from the sun but you'd get to enjoy a rainy summer day or snowy winter weekend going for a swim. Plus there's a whole second level that has rooms that could be made into bedrooms or even game rooms. Just depends on how big your imagination is.

Other Home Specifications

In total, this home has eight bedrooms, four full bathrooms, three half bathrooms, a tennis court, fireplaces in more than just the living area, the indoor pool that also has a hot tub attached to it, all inside just over 13,000 square feet on just over half an acre of land. The home comes in at just a measly $595,000.

But the star of show with this home is that indoor pool. Take a virtual tour of it below and dream about those chilly days doing a few laps before snuggling up in bed.

You Could Go Swimming During an Artic Blast at This Huge Home for Sale in Temple

Imagine while being iced in during the recent artic blast telling your family it's time to go for a swim. You can do just that at this home in Temple.

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